3 Steps to Energising Your Business

Energise Your Business

3 Steps To Energising Your Business

Is your business is absolutely flying?   Are you so busy you don’t know how you find time to do anything else?  Or things have gone a bit quiet lately and your wondering if your business might need some serious boosting.


Either way, I’m guessing – like me - you’ve had your moments when you’ve thought -  “I really need to re-engergise my business!”


Because you keep a pretty close eye on your business, you know when things aren’t running quite the way you’d hoped,  but you might be unsure how or when you’re going to find the time to fix that.

Well a good time is NOW - and a good place to start is by spending some time working “on”, rather than “in” your business.  And one of the ways you can do that is by following these 3 steps to start re-energising your business -

  1. Take a moment to remind yourself what it is you really want your business to achieve -  why you run this business, and what rules and beliefs you hold around how it operates.  In other words, clearly define your business vision and values.Ask yourself –
  • What am I aiming for?
  • What do I want my business to look like in 12 months' time, in 3, 5, and 10 years' time?
  • What is my point of difference (what sets me apart from my competitors)?
  • What makes me stand out in what I do?
  1. Once you have your vision and values locked and loaded, you will want to set yourself some new short and long term goals to get your business to where you want it to be.  But be SMART about it.  Your goals need to be –
  • Specific and Suitable
  • Measurable and Meaningful
  • Achievable and Action Oriented
  • Realisting and Results Oriented
  • Time based and Trackable

So ask yourself some questions to make sure your goal(s) fit the SMART model; questions like –

    • Why is this goal relevant?  How does it fit with my vision for the business?
    • Does it match my values?
    • Why is it important?
    • What is the end result I want?
    • How will I know when I’ve achieved this?
    • What steps do I need to take?
    • Are the resources I need available to me?
    • Am I motivated to do this?
    • Will I be able to see and measure results?
    • When can I start?
    • What milestones will I measure?
    • How will I know if I’m on track with this goal?
  1. Run your business using the 5 Principles Of Success – the 5 behavioural traits that will support your positive future.
  • Know Your Outcomes

    Make all your decisions based on the outcome(s) you want to achieve and put some structure around your goals and outcomes, i.e., determine what criteria defines your outcome.Whatever these ultimate outcomes are, get really clear and focussed about them.

  • Take Action

    Procrastinating won’t make it happen. If you don’t take action, you won’t achieve any positive result - things will simply stay the same.Fully commit to your actions, get the resources you need and bring about some positive results.If you have a team, involve them, get them onboard and make sure you give them.

  • Have Sensory Acuity

    Watch, listen and get “hands on” in getting those outcomes for your business.Use your senses to experience and notice the what happens every step of the way.Use your senses to fuel, feel and embrace the motivation that comes from working toward and achieving outcomes.

  • Have Behavioral Flexibility

    Be mindful that you might need to make some changes to your goals along the way if you are not achieving milestones or are not on track to meet the outcomes you expect.

    Be tuned into what’s working and what’s not, and be open to making changes wherever and whenever required.For example, you might notice that your team don’t appear to be onboard with what’s happening which may potentially sabotage your positive outcome.

    Revisit your “Why” and think about some alternative ways to get to your outcome AND keep everyone happy at the same time.

    Be aware of how receptive you are to suggestions from others – even if you don’t believe a suggestion will work, try it on before you discard it. Its respectful and you might just be surprised. If you’re not, make sure you explain why the suggestion won’t work and suggest an alternative solution.

    So the bottom line here is maintain some flexibility and keep looking to improve. Be proactive - not reactive.

  • Operate from a Physiology and Psychology of Excellence

    Set your expectations and standards high and maintain them. Stay focussed and positive and do things that move you towards (rather than away from) your goals.

    Operate your business with respect and empathy for your team and your clients.Stay true to your business vision and values, which define what you set out to achieve and are –

    • the key drivers of your business
    • the reason you are in business


    Lead by example – model the service, attitudes and behavior you want to see in (and receive from) others.

    Keep your team AND your customers happy and make the best use of time – yours and theirs.

What are you waiting for?


Plan your business success and and take the steps to make it a reality.

Need a little more help with this?

Come to the one day workshop “Breaking Business Barriers” in Melbourne on October 27, 2017 where I’m partnering with 3 experienced business coaches to deliver the keys to transforming your business.

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