Systems and Processes – 5 Ways they save YOU Time and earn you more Money

Systems and Processes

Yes, Systems and Processes CAN save you time and earn you money!

Eighty-five percent of the reasons for failure to meet customer expectations are related to deficiencies in systems and process.....

John Morgan –Author, Lean Six Sigma

Failed customer expectations means your sales drop off, repeat business drops – and so does your bottom line! Your business stops growing.

What's holding your business back?

Are you so busy doing the daily do that you cant find time to focus on improving product and service delivery and growing your business?

Have you avoided (yes, “avoided”) putting systems and processes in place to make your business hum, create consistency and ensure great customer service?

ToDo Lists

Some business owners think that if they take even a short time out of being “hands on” in their business, everything will grind to a halt.

I often hear “yes I know I should develop systems and processes but (tired sigh) I don’t have the time … or -  my time would be better spent … or - it’s just quicker if I do it myself and I know it will be done right … or -  I have other issues that are a greater priority at the moment” … and so on … and so on … and so on.

I can certainly identify with some of these from my own experiences!

It’s a dilemna.  You need to get everything done and done well, but you also need to work on ways to do it better, more efficiently, more effectively.  Failing to take time to work on business improvement is a sure fire way to stunt your business growth.

So if you believe you can’t take the time to think about your business, how can you possibly grow and improve it?  How can you hold onto your customers and stay ahead of your competitors?

Systems and processes can be the difference that makes the difference
… and they’re easier to create than you think.

There might be a myriad of reasons why you haven’t yet put systems and processes in place in your business yet, but let me give you just 5 key reasons why you must -

  1. Increase your bottom line (your profitability)
  2. Create the time to plan and grow your business
  3. Improve your Customer Service (customers know what to expect from you and your team and when)
  4. Make your Employees more efficient and reduce expenses (no more time wastage)
  5. Have Business Continuity (when someone is sick, someone else can easily fill in)

Having a standard and documented means of performing a task ensures all bases are covered and nothing gets missed.  Having reliable systems in place to support and drive the tasks allows everyone to be more efficient.  The pay offs are many and include having -

  • A business that is more value and continue to grow
  • Valuable training and resource guides for your team members,
  • The “why” for your team (why it’s important to do things this way)
  • Your staff know what is expected of them in their roles
  • A temporary fill-in staff member has the step by step instructions to do the job, maintain the quality standards and competently manage when your regular team member is away sick or on holidays,

and  you have continuity of quality customer service which is vital for customer relationships.

But what’s most important is that your time is freed up to focus on planning and growing on your business!  It’s really a no brainer!

IMAGINE … if you could do a task once, store it simply in a system your team can readily access, and then never have to do that task again …

… having time to comfortably recline in your chair, uninterrupted, gazing out the window, planning ways to provide better customer service, streamline your operations, identify new niche markets, plan new marking campaigns, boost productivity and lift your bottom line …. (contented sigh!)

Systems and Processes

What are the 5 things you must know to save time and make you money?

If you are serious about saving time and making more money, make sure to get your Smart Systems Checklist that will allow you to take control NOW and make your business awesome!

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4 years ago

I just wish I had focused on building systems earlier – whilst my business was still in start up. Playing catch up now – thanks Angela for your great tips and advice